Back to the Ole Skool Edition – come earn your Lindy MBA
(Mastery of Basics to Advanced)

Asa Heedman • Daniel Heedman • Skye Humphries • Sylvia Sykes • Marie N’diaye

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The Lindy MBA (Mastery of Basics to Advanced) is 4 days and nights of classes and parties, with a specialised track on the last day. With a residential, live-in concept, the learning is 24 hours a day!

Imagine 4 days of dedicated learning, practice and dancing with  dancers of the same mindset. Plus you walk away with dance buddies to keep you practicing after the event!

Not only do we bring you 4 of the most sought after (and hard to align!) Lindy Hop instructors in the world, we’ve structured a camp that makes the most of this opportunity.

In the current situation of many options and lindy events in Asia,  SEA Jam 2017 introduces a bold new concept to cater for dancers that are ready to work hard to up their Lindy game.

Each dancer with a full pass will receive 7 hours of classes in their own level, 2 shared classes with another level and 3 hours of specialised track – a total of 12 hours over the 4 days.

Additionally groups that perform can opt to have a “Feedback” report from one of the teachers!

Join us, dig deep in the Lindy Basics to Advanced, and earn your Lindy MBA! Find out more about the MBA here.

If you have registered, you can download the sea-jam-info-pack.